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3 simple rules of clear communication

31 Dec

This being my first blog post as a marketer, I thought why not start it by writing about the most important thing that a marketer needs to do? I.e. communicate! Label it what you will – MarCom, product marketing, services marketing, branding, advertising, content marketing; these are just ways, means and channels of creating, packaging and distributing the message.

The goal of every marketer is to get the message across to the customer/ stakeholder and engage their attention and interest. Period!

However, in this age of information overload, the challenge most marketers face is getting their message heard and understood over a hub-bub of millions of other such messages. Today, an individual receives overwhelming amounts of complex data and information throughout the day.  Think personally, how many commercials, mailers, jingles, banners do you come in contact with on an average day? A 100? 500? more? Would you care to stop what you are doing and make sense of all that? Hell no! We, like everyone else around us, want something that is simple and conveys what’s in it for us clearly without beating around the bush.

So how do you ensure that your message has a good chance of being received? For me the 3 simple rules work:

  • Clarity – Be clear about what you want to say. If you are confused about your message, rest assured that your customer will be too. Internal flip-flopping and misunderstanding will garble a message to make it incomprehensible to the end consumers leaving them with a feeling of “eh! What was that again?”
  • Brevity– Be brief. Don’t write a book where two words will do. Obviously I’ll leave it at that J
  • Consistency – Stick to your message whatever the packaging. In every communication that goes out from your organization make sure that the message is reinforced. You might feel you are repeating yourself but your customer out there might be hearing it for the first time. Repeating a message is a must for making it stick and stickiness will determine the success of your campaign.

What according to you would be the most important thing about communication that marketers need to understand?