5 points to consider for your content strategy

26 Jan

Content marketing is gaining prominence especially with service marketers. According to Content Marketing Institute 58% B2B marketers in North America plan to increase their content marketing budgets in 2014. But it’s very easy to go from sharing relevant information with customers who want it to spamming. As companies increase their efforts to align content as a part of their marketing strategy they must carefully consider the route they want to take.

A comprehensive Content Strategy is key to ensure you are sending the right message to the right people. Here are 5 points you must consider to ensure you are on the right track:

  1. Bridge – Make your content strategy the bridge between your business goals and customer needs. With several channels at a content marketers disposal today, it can be the most effective means of user engagement.
  2. Prioritize – Define what you want to say, to whom and what channels are best suited for your target audience. Flooding people with content they don’t care about is not going to help you.
  3. Plan – There is really no way ad-hoc publishing is going to achieve your goals. You need to decide on your message and its dissemination plan in advance.
  4. Brand – Build brand ambassadors who can connect with your audience and give a personality to your message. These will be the mouthpiece for your message
  5. Engage – Find ways to engage your audience with continuous conversation (not a monologue!) instead of random, infrequent interactions. Make users your content generators and leverage the power of the crowd to spread your message. And ALWAYS keep it interesting

Take look at these great videos from Coca Cola where they outline their approach to content till 2020 in a most engaging way!

Remember, great content is one that is appreciated by the audience because it reaches them when and how they want it. So the next time you are fretting over low social engagement levels or a dip in your content downloads take a fresh look at your approach to content with the above 5 points in mind.


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